ASL Food Handler Course Helps Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Get Their Food Handler Card

Typically, if you are deaf or hard of hearing and want to get your food handlers card online, you have one option: turning on the subtitles. But for StateFoodSafety, subtitles weren’t good enough. In 2012, we decided we could do more to make working in the foodservice industry easier for people in the deaf community. […]

Ask a Food Safety Scientist: What is Clostridium botulinum?

Have you heard of this intimidating bacteria? Most people have heard of the disease it can cause—botulism. Clostridium botulinum is an anaerobic bacteria, meaning that it thrives best in an oxygen-deprived environment. In addition to this, the bacteria can produce spores, which can survive until the conditions are ideal for bacterial growth. The bacteria produce […]

Tutorial: How to Run a Corporate Purchase Report

When you partner with StateFoodSafety, you gain access to our free online reporting tool to help you manage your employees’ training! Reports allow you to access information about employee training instantly, from anywhere. The Corporate Purchase Report is the most comprehensive report type. It will have information about all courses purchased through your company, including […]

Stand-Up Training: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Empower Employees Through Training Help reinforce good food safety practices in your establishment through stand-up meetings. Use this training outline as a guide for your next meeting. Cleaning and sanitizing a surface removes food particles, filth, and bacteria. Together, cleaning and sanitizing help prevent the spread of foodborne illness. Learning Objectives You may choose to […]

December Cartoon: 4 Keys to Dealing with Food Allergies

How to Protect Your Food Allergic Customers Researchers believe up to 15 million Americans have a food allergy, including 5.9 million children—and they’re becoming more common. For people with allergies, foods that would normally be considered safe can have dangerous consequences. An allergic reaction to food can range from simply feeling itchy to anaphylaxis, which […]

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