Proctoring Food Manager Exams In House Saves You Time and Money

Lower costs and increase efficiency by proctoring the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam in house

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Grocery stores, c-stores, and other types of food retailers often face unique challenges when it comes to providing employees with access to a proctored Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Testing centers and health departments can be located at an inconvenient distance, or you might experience a high turnover rate that can increase the cost of testing centers over time.

To combat these challenges, StateFoodSafety can train individuals within your organization to proctor the exam for your employees in house. Proctoring the exam in house can make it cheaper and easier for you to certify each new Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM).

What is a proctor?

A proctor is someone who monitors exam sessions to ensure that exams are taken fairly. A StateFoodSafety proctor monitors the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.

Benefits of in-house proctoring

Save money

When you partner with StateFoodSafety for food manager certification, we’ll train your proctors for free. Not only will you avoid paying testing center fees, you won’t have to pay for employees to travel to a testing center.

Proctoring several examinees in house at the same time can be more cost-effective than sending them to a testing center for their exams. 

Simplify your food manager training process

Organizing travel, paying testing center fees, and working out employee schedules can make using testing centers a logistical issue. Simplify your training process by assigning administrators to proctor the exam instead.

Using in-house proctors gives you the flexibility to schedule an exam session at times that are convenient for the company and for the exam candidates, making it much easier to schedule the exam for multiple employees at once.

How to become a proctor

  1. Partner with Us — Contact a StateFoodSafety representative to learn more about our food manager exam and how you can get in-house proctoring for your company.
  2. Train — We’ll give you access to our free proctor training course. Complete the course and pass the assessment. The whole process only takes about 25 minutes.
  3. Apply — Fill out and submit the application form online. Once approved, proctors can log in to create exam sessions and proctor exams for their companies.

Learn more about partnering with StateFoodSafety

If you’re interested in our proctoring program, Food Protection Manager Certification Exam, or any of our other food safety training courses, contact us. We would love to discuss your company’s training needs.


— Drew Tadd

Updated: 09/25/2020 — 2:38 pm
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