Food Safety Training and Certification with StateFoodSafety

What food safety training or certification do I need?

StateFoodSafety offers all the food safety training courses you might need, including:

  1. Food handlers card
  2. Food safety manager training and certification exam
  3. Alcohol server/seller certification
  4. Food allergy awareness training

Food handlers card or license

StateFoodSafety’s food handlers card/license training course teaches all the food safety principles necessary for workers to become safe food handlers. In areas where food handler cards are required, employees can get their card in two hours or less by taking our online course.

If you operate in an area that doesn’t require food handler training, you can use this course to teach basic food safety principles. When food workers follow these principles, it will help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks at your establishment.

If you’re not sure whether a food handler card is required in your area, contact your local health department.

Food safety manager training and certification

Our food safety manager training course teaches managers everything they need to prepare to become a Certified Food Protection Manager. If certification isn’t required in your area, the training can be purchased separately to fulfill a demonstration of knowledge requirement.

If your managers need food manager certification, they can purchase the training and exam together at a discount. The training will prepare them for the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. In fact, 94% of people who pass our course also pass our exam!

Just like with food handler, different areas may have different requirements for food safety manager certification. Contact your local health department if you’re not sure about the requirements for your area.

The training is conveniently offered online. We offer a few different options for taking the certification exam so that your managers can choose the best one for them:

  1. Online proctoring — take the certification exam online. With this option, examinees won’t have to travel to a testing center or take a paper test. Their exam will be proctored through the webcam on their computer.
  2. Testing center — take the exam at a local testing center. This is a great option if the examinee wants to take the exam in person.
  3. Employer or health department proctor — examinees can take the exam at work with a colleague acting as the proctor, or at their local health department with a health department official acting as the proctor. Proctors must be approved by StateFoodSafety. We offer a free proctor certification course to all of our active clients.

Alcohol serving or selling permit

If alcohol is served or sold at any of your locations, your alcohol servers/sellers can get their alcohol certifications online. Our On-Premise Alcohol Server and Off-Premise Alcohol Seller training courses have been customized to meet the unique requirements of individual states and cities, which means your employees will get the training that’s most relevant to them.

Although responsible alcohol service training is optional in most areas, it is always recommended. The training covers critical aspects of responsible alcohol service, including how alcohol affects the body, signs of each stage of impairment, and tips for identifying fake IDs.

Food allergy awareness

Researchers estimate as many as 32 million Americans suffer from food allergies, including 5.6 million children. Food allergies can be fatal and should always be treated seriously. That’s why our online food allergy awareness course is so important.

In areas where food allergen training is not required, you can use our course to supplement your employees’ training. The course teaches essential tips for serving customers with food allergies safely. In addition to explaining food allergies, it also covers Celiac disease and other food intolerances.

What sets StateFoodSafety’s training apart?

Our food handler training, food manager training and certification, and alcohol server/seller training are nationally accredited. In addition, we customize our food handler training so that it meets the unique requirements of more regulatory jurisdictions than any other provider. This means you can use the same system to provide training across all or most of your locations.

When you partner with us for your training, we provide you with a dedicated client services representative who understands your food safety goals and helps you achieve them. Our customer support team is also available 24/7 to answer your employees’ day-to-day questions in both English and Spanish.

We offer corporate discounts and various payment models for training. Contact a member of our accounts team to learn more.


— Jessica Pettit

Updated: 03/09/2021 — 9:03 am
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