Jefferson County, Alabama Food Handlers Training Approval Letter

Jefferson County Department of Heath
1400 Sixth Avenue, South
P.O. Box 2648
Birmingham, AL 35202

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Jonathan Stanton, P.E., Director


February 21, 2017


The Jefferson County (Alabama) Health Department has been using as our exclusive online food safety provider since September 1, 2011. This department has required food safety training for all food employees since March of 2001. We presented this in a classroom at our offices eleven times a week, 50 weeks out of the year. We also scheduled classes for large groups at various locations. The department discussed having an online option, primarily as a convenience to our clients for a while, until our health officer insisted that we make it happen.

All options were explored, from off the shelf to hosting our own. The decision was finally reached to go external to develop and support the online option. We worked for over a year on our RFP for online training. As it turned out, creating the RFP was the hard part. The response by was clearly head and shoulders above the rest in presentation and content, so the choice was easy. We approved as our contracted online training provider. The course was offered in more languages than the competitors and includes Vietnamese and Korean. They did a great job on modifying the content of the education presentation to meet our local food code as well as certification documentation and issuance, and payment remittance. Handouts were provided to advertise the online option at no cost. Implementation was smooth and cost us nothing! They have customized data transfer and reports to suit our needs; I am able to access these reports at any time I choose. If I ever have a question or concern, they are quick to respond via telephone or email. Any questions we receive from the clients are directed to their customer service for resolution, so it costs me nothing to support the program.


Bruce Braden
Environmental Health Program Manager
Food & Lodging Protection
Jefferson County Department of Health
Birmingham, AL

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