January Cartoon Calendar Activity: Talkabout Food Safety

For this month’s activity, sit back and relax while you watch an episode from our Food Safety Talkabout Series on YouTube. In these videos, StateFoodSafety.com employees interview people on the streets of Utah about food safety. The videos aim to teach you something and keep you laughing.

This particular Food Safety Talkabout teaches the correct procedure for cooking chicken. Checking the color of chicken is not the correct method for testing whether or not chicken is thoroughly cooked. Learn the correct procedure below.

Food Safety Reminder
Dangerous foodborne pathogens can multiply rapidly in the temperature danger zone (41°–135°). Keep your food—and your customers—safe by holding food items at proper temperatures. When in doubt, keep hot foods hot (135° or higher) and cold foods cold (41° or lower).

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Cami Mills

Updated: November 19, 2019 — 5:42 pm
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