How to Customize Your Food Safety Training Reports

Food manager viewing a custom training report

Employee turnover is one of the biggest issues managers face in the food industry today. In 2018, the overall turnover rate in the food industry was 74.9% — nearly twice the overall average rate of 44.3%. For some types of restaurants, turnover rates can be even higher.

Turnover can affect compliance

Turnover can directly affect your compliance, as you have to make sure new employees get the food safety training they need. That’s where StateFoodSafety steps in to help!

Our powerful reporting tools will allow you to instantly see which employees have started training and which ones have finished.

All of our clients get access to two standard reports:

  1. Purchase reports are the most comprehensive report type. A purchase report will have information about all courses purchased through your company, including employee progress toward completion. You can use this type of report to monitor overall training usage, see your employees’ progress toward completion, track pass rates within your company, and evaluate employees’ overall food safety knowledge.
  2. Certificate reports are more targeted toward certificates earned. A certificate report will have information about all your employees who have earned a certificate, including the expiration date of each certificate. This type of report is useful in helping you see which employees will need to renew their certificates soon.

Get all the data you need with custom reports

In addition to the standard reports, you can request a custom report. Custom reports are exactly what they sound like — reports with customized information that are made just for you!

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to do your job. With custom reports, you shouldn’t have to maintain separate spreadsheets of training information.

The following are some examples of how you might want to customize a report:

1. Add a custom field.

The data available in the standard reports are generic and designed to be useful for a variety of different organizations. However, we understand your business has unique needs and as a result, you might need unique information. Custom fields can provide that information.

For instance, it might be helpful to add a “Location” custom field. Adding a location field will enable you to track training usage and/or certificates earned by employees on a location basis.

We can add a custom field for almost any piece of information that can be typed in by an employee. We can also add fields with any other information we collect, such as course information (run time, how long certificates are valid, etc.).

2. Create a streamlined report.

For some tasks, our standard reports may have too much information. We can create a streamlined report that contains only the fields that are the most important for you, so you only see the data you need.

3. Schedule a report.

When you schedule a report, you don’t even have to come to our site to get the information you need! We’ll send the data directly to your email inbox, as often as you like.

For example, it might be helpful to schedule a monthly certificate report so you can see which new employees have completed their training and which veteran employees will need to renew soon.

Learn more

If you’re a current StateFoodSafety client, contact your assigned Client Services representative to request a custom report.

If you don’t work with us yet, contact our Accounts team to find out more about our food safety corporate training solutions.


— Jessica Pettit

Updated: 09/25/2020 — 2:37 pm
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