Helping You Maintain Food Safety Regulatory Compliance

Food safety manager keeping track of employee training

In an industry where each location can have different food safety training requirements, it can be a pain to keep track of whether your employee training is compliant or not.

When you partner with StateFoodSafety, we’ll keep tabs on regulatory requirements for you! We actively take steps to make sure our training courses are compliant so you don’t have to worry.

1. We work hand in hand with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance.

StateFoodSafety is the most approved food handler training provider in the United States. In addition, our food protection manager training and certification exam are approved nationwide. Finally, our alcohol server/seller training and food allergen awareness training courses also follow local requirements — when there are requirements.

The proprietary technology we use to build our training courses allows us to customize each course for unique local requirements. We’re also able to quickly respond to any changes in food safety laws.

We only offer training courses that have been approved by local regulatory officials. If we offer it on our website, you can be confident it’s compliant in the area for which it’s intended.

2. We pay attention to pending food safety legislation.

We continually monitor state and federal legislation to make sure we stay ahead of any changes to current food safety laws. In addition, we participate in food safety groups such as the Conference for Food Protection.

Whenever possible, we also attend public government meetings when legislators discuss potential changes to food safety laws.

Train with StateFoodSafety

The great relationships we’ve established with health departments across the U.S. ensure easier training administration for you. When you choose us as your training provider, all of your employees can take the same training, even if you have multiple locations.

Using one training provider makes managing employee training easy:

  • Track learner progress in one place.
  • Direct employees to one common website.
  • Purchase training from one company for multiple products and locations.

Contact one of our account representatives to learn more.


— Jessica Pettit

Updated: 09/25/2020 — 2:39 pm
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