State of Utah Approval Letter


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Dear Mr. Cannon,

Section 103-7(5) of Rule R392-103 requires food handler training providers to submit an application for program revalidation to the Utah Department of Health (Department) every three years. On September 22, 2017, AboveTraining Inc. dba submitted the required application to the Department.
The Department has reviewed the application and detennined that the AboveTraining Inc. dba training program continues to meet the training objectives contained in R392-103-5. The previously-approved food handler training program is hereby revalidated, and Above Training Inc. dba will remain on the list of approved food handler training providers in Utah. This letter should be kept for documentation of program revalidation. The Department will provide courtesy notification to you approximately ninety days before the next revalidation deadline.
If you have any questions regarding program revalidation, please feel free to contact me or Chris Nelson at 801-538-6191.


Karl Hartman

Registered Environmental Health Services Specialist

Updated: 05/30/2019 — 4:17 pm
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