Food Allergens Essentials Training Program Information

StateFoodSafety wants to communicate the following information about its Food Allergens Essentials Training Program:

  1. Certificate purpose, scope, and intended learning outcomes:
    • Program Purpose: To prepare food workers to control food allergens in the workplace.
    • Program Scope: This program has been designed for food workers, which are generally understood as individuals working in the food service industry in non-managerial roles. This program will provide training and testing relevant to the major food allergens identified by the FDA, identifying allergens in the workplace, communicating with customers and coworkers, and preventing cross-contact.
    • By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:
      • Identify the eight major food allergens that cause 90% of food allergen-related hospitalizations in the United States.
      • Identify food allergen cross-contact risks and identify methods for preventing cross-contact in the workplace through cleaning and sanitizing, good personal hygiene, and controlling the flow of food.
      • Determine how to communicate information regarding food allergen ingredients and allergen-related special orders to the manager, other employees, and the customer.
      • Identify the most common symptoms of allergic reactions to food and how to respond if one occurs in the workplace.
  2. Description of requisites to earn a certificate: The only requisite to obtain a certificate is successful completion of the course and assessment. There are no course prerequisites.
  3. Special requirements for participation: See system requirements.
  4. Qualifications of instructional personnel: The StateFoodSafety Food Allergens Essentials program has been developed by food safety subject matter experts in coordination with instructional design professionals. The collective expertise of these individuals span several decades. In addition, StateFoodSafety communicates with and receives input concerning this program from an established Oversight Committee whose membership consists of regulators, food operators, academics, and industry experts.
  5. Fees, deadlines, cancellations, and refund policies: Please see the Refund Policy.
  6. Academic or continuing education credit earned: None.
  7. Commercial support disclosure: StateFoodSafety did not use commercial support to develop this program.
  8. Changes to the certificate program purpose, scope, or intended learning outcomes will be reflected in the Learn More page of the specific product.
  9. Inferences that can be made appropriately concerning certificate holders: Certificate holders have received training and successfully completed an assessment on food allergens and are aware of the major food allergens that cause the majority of hospitalizations in the United States. There are no designations or acronyms associated with this certificate.
Updated: 09/17/2020 — 7:58 pm
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