August Cartoon: Back to School Fashion

This month’s cartoon is dedicated to all the wonderful food handlers that work in cafeteria kitchens to serve children healthy nutritious meals! School is about to begin soon and it’s up to these wonderful food workers to keep children safe. Although you might not feel runway ready in food handler attire, such as clean aprons, hairnets, non-skid shoes, and disposable gloves, these items are essential to food safety. Food handlers must wear the proper food handler attire to prevent contamination and to help keep food safe.

Food Handler Training

Proper food handler attire is just one part in helping to keep food safe. offers an online course on food handler training that teaches several aspects of food safety and provides learners with the necessary training to become safe food handlers. Below are a few reasons why you should consider taking the Food Handler Training course.

Approved—Our ANSI-accredited food handler course is approved in more regulatory jurisdictions than any other provider. We understand the varying regulatory requirements across the nation and can help you obtain the correct training and permit for your area.

Convenient—Our online course allows you to train on your own time at your own pace, which leads to greater retention and better on-the-job performance. You can split up your training and take breaks or review areas that need more reviewing.

Memorable—Not only is our course approved and convenient, but it’s fun and interactive. ELearning simulations provide 17% more retention than classroom lecture. So we have packed our courses full of avatars, interactive activities, and memorable stories. You will enjoy yourself as you train for your job.

Learn more about our Food Handler Training course here.

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