March Cartoon Calendar Activity: Alcohol Server Training Discount

For this month’s activity, we are giving away a discount coupon for Alcohol Server/Seller Training. We have an activity for each month of the year to go along with our 2016-2017 Cartoon Calendar. This month in order to receive your coupon code, you must first prove your food safety knowledge. Once you figure out what the coupon code is, you can enter it into our website during the purchase process to receive a discount on your purchase of Alcohol Server/Seller Training.*

Alcohol Safety Reminder
Remember that sometimes it is difficult to gauge a customer’s age solely by appearance. Never be afraid to ask for proper identification to ensure you are not serving alcohol to a minor.

To Receive the Discount

  1. Look at the March 2016 image above and decipher the code:
    -What does the leprechaun call the checking of his ID? _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    -How old does someone have to be to purchase alcohol in the United States? _ _
    -Place the number (in numeral form) at the end of the answer of the first clue (in all caps) to create the discount coupon: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  2. Follow this link to Alcohol Server/Seller Training and select your area.
  3. Enter your coupon and receive a discount!

Cartoon Calendar Downloads
Download Image: Leprechaun Cartoon
Download Full Calendar: Full Cartoon Calendar
Order a printed calendar by filling out the Resource Request Form.

Cami Mills

*This month’s coupon will only work for a discount during the month of March 2016 for the purchase of the Alcohol Server/Seller Training course.

Updated: November 19, 2019 — 5:39 pm
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