5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Company’s Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility has become a necessary part of business. In a recent study, Cisco reports that internet traffic from mobile devices will make up more than half of internet traffic by 2018. To match this trend, companies will need to continue improving mobile compatibility in all aspects of business in the coming years.

While there are several ways to improve your company’s mobile accessibility externally with responsive web design, mobile applications, and data collection, you can also improve your company internally by streamlining your training processes with mobile-accessible training software.

Here are just a few ways that mobile-compatible training can help your business:

1. Increases Retention

Using mobile-compatible training can increase your employees’ retention of important information. Although many employers still shy away from video training or online training, studies have shown that simulation-style training allows for 17% greater learning retention. So when your students watch videos and participate in learning activities on tablets or computers, they actually retain more information than in a classroom lecture.

2. Lowers Training Costs

Mobile-compatible training can drastically cut down your employees’ training time, which decreases training costs. Instead of setting aside time to have senior employees train new employees, mobile-compatible training allows your employees to be trained as they go. Your new employees can learn the basics of their jobs through interactive digital training on the job, which will save other employees’ time and save your company a lot of money.

3. Allows for On-Site Training

Mobile-compatible training allows your employees to train on-site. Your employees can pull out a mobile device and watch their training right next to their work station. For example, if there is specific cleaning process that needs to take place and a new employee is unsure how to do it, they can quickly pull out their smartphone or tablet and view a tutorial. If the training takes place in a restaurant, you will still need to make sure food safety precautions are taken around food.

4. Improves Training Atmosphere

Changing the format of extensive reading materials and textbooks enhances the learning experience for your employees. Huge paper pamphlets can be intimidating and discouraging. If training is provided in short training modules, your employees won’t be so intimidated by training on their first day of work.

5. Keeps Training Materials Up-to-Date

If you have to train a lot of employees at a lot of different locations, using automatic sync applications or online training software will keep your training up to date. Your employees won’t have to wait around to receive the latest version of training on a hard drive or DVD. Most companies use Learning Management Systems to assist in tracking the training of employees. With mobile-compatible training, your employees will have up-to-date training materials, and your management will have up-to-date reports.

Now that mobile devices and tablets are an established part of everyday life in the United States, it only makes sense that companies across the United States start to use them in their training processes. Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind in this digital age; start looking for ways to make your company more mobile-compatible today!

Cami Mills

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