Continual Learning: The Art of Remembering

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We can spend hours studying information, only to forget it a few weeks later. Because human memory is imperfect, regular review is necessary for long-term knowledge retention. In 2014, the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine published a study on effective learning. The study observed medical students, but the research applies to learners in every field. The results showed that without practice and review, learned information is quickly lost. However, spreading learning out over a long period of time and constantly repeating lessons improves the long-term retention of information.

An article published by Wranx, a company focused on creating a culture of learning, states, “With traditional corporate training, employees are told vast amounts of information . . . and are expected to retain this knowledge straight away. However, this isn’t an effective method of teaching because our brains aren’t programmed to remember things this way. If you implement a training programme where subjects are occasionally studied over a prolonged period of time, employees are more likely to keep hold of new skills and knowledge in their minds.”

StateFoodSafety courses are designed for retention, but some loss of information is inevitable. How can we help you and your food service workers retain important information?

Prevent_Slips_Trips_and_Falls_HL1. Provide constant reminders.
Place posters around the facility to remind employees about safety principles every day. Check out our Resources Page for a variety of free printable, shareable cartoons and posters. Our poster topics range from preventing slips and falls to safe cooking temperatures. Also include safety training tips in your daily meetings. With so much information to remember, providing short, quick reminders can safeguard against mistakes and oversights.

2. Create opportunities for review.
When you take a course from StateFoodSafety, the course is available for review until the certificate expires. Employees can access all learning materials and review important information.

3. Conduct additional learning activities.
Coming soon to StateFoodSafety are Food Safety Focus videos. These videos are just a few minutes long and spotlight specific topics that are important to food service workers. Topics include allergens, pathogens, and thermometer calibration. Use these videos during training meetings or as on-the-job reminders about food safety principles.

The more training your employees receive, the safer your food establishment and customers will be. However, the learning process is continual. Employees should be constantly reminded of food safety principles. StateFoodSafety can help train employees and provide continual learning opportunities to increase retention.

For additional resources, visit Step Right Up and Get Your Free Resources.

Jessica Hill

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