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Attention all food safety experts! Did you know that the StateFoodSafety blog houses free food safety resources that are perfect for food establishments? It’s true. Cartoons, posters, videos, and tutorials are right at your fingertips: click here to check them out. After oohing and aahing over the digital files, print, post, and share the food safety love with your employers, employees, and colleagues.

For a creative approach, try out these ideas:

1. Instruction cards and flyersUse our instruction cards and flyers to direct employees to our online food safety training. Instruction cards are a convenient way to direct employees to the correct website to find food safety training on their own. The cards have easy step-by-step instructions in large print and fit easily in a wallet, purse, or pocket. Flyers in the establishment can be a great reminder for employees to get trained, especially if they’re trained on-site.

2. Cartoons. Use our well-crafted (and often hilarious) cartoons not only to get a good laugh, but also to learn or teach critical food safety principles. If you are a food handler, figure out the problem in each of the cartoons, go back to your food handler course to study the highlighted issue, and apply what you learn to your work. If you are a manager, use these cartoons as a 5-minute meeting tool or during new employee training. If you are an inspector, use these cartoons during routine visits to correct less-than-perfect habits while also creating a positive, upbeat environment.

3. Posters. Like our cartoons, our posters are multifunctional. In addition to posting them around the kitchen, try this: if you are a cook, study the “Cooking Times and Temperatures” poster. Memorize the times and temperatures included on it and apply it to your daily tasks. If you are a restaurant operator, use the posters as a part of your HACCP plan, and teach employees to refer to them every day to prevent food safety incidences. If you are a health department official, mail or hand-deliver these posters to each of the establishment managers in your jurisdiction. They’ll love it!

4. Videos. Use videos from our Food Safety Talkabout Series to teach food safety principles to your employees. Or, if you need help with a specific task on our website, like purchasing a course or recovering your password, check out our FAQ Tutorials.

5. Tutorials. Do you have questions about how to purchase multiple courses for your employees? Or how to redeem a voucher? Our straight forward tutorials will guide you step-by-step through each of these procedures for pain-free purchasing.


Aubrey Pontious

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